Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Drezden:1 week old

The Whatcotts

This evening I took family portraits for my friend JoJo. Her family was in town, so she asked if I could snap some of the whole family. There were 9 people, which made me a bit nervous, but I think they turned out pretty well! Lets not forget how darling her boys are!

This is one of my favorites of the evening! It was such a sweet, tender moment that wasn't planned!

Finally the entire group...Thanks for such a fun photo session, you guys were great!

Clouds from Above

I took this picture on my way home from Colorado awhile back. The clouds were so breathtaking! Wouldn't you agree?

3 Generations

I took this picture of my friend Amy, her mom, and her daughter over Thanksgiving when her parents were in town. What a beautiful trio wouldn't you say?

El Morro

Marissa & Doug-Married!

I shot my first wedding today! Marissa and Doug were the funnest couple to shoot. They have so much chemistry and are so obviously in love with each other. This was their first kiss as husband and wife. These are a few of my favorite portraits-I have TONS more to retouch...
I love how sassy she is! Her shoes were amazing, and the turquoise petty skirt underneath her dress was the perfect touch.
I LOVE this last one!
It's late, so I need to stop retouching for tonight, but I hope you enjoy the preview and come back soon to see more of this lovely couple.
Meet the Roberts family...
I love how candid the picture below is. They are such a cute family. You would never guess by looking at these that the kids didn't want to sit still and take pictures. They look precious!
I know I did this feet picture in one of my last photoshoots, but I loved it too much to leave it out.
I think this one could pass for a Ralph Lauren add, don't you? What a cute little pony girl!

This last one is my fave! I think it really portrays such a sweet relationship between mother and daughter.

Arecibo Light House

Yesterday I went to Arecibo for the first time to see the Light House. Here is just a sneak peak. I haven't had time to retouch the others yet, so I'll post those later :)

Closeup of Arecibo Light House


Patterson Family